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Walkathon for Haitian Hearts!

We are excited to announce that there will be a Walkathon for Haitian Hearts on Monday, May 18, 2015! You can learn more at our Facebook page, Walkathon for Haitian Hearts. Stay tuned for more details!


Haitian Hearts is dedicated to saving the lives of children. We bring children and young adults in desperate need of heart surgery from Haiti, a terribly impoverished country only 600 miles from Florida, to the United States for life-saving medical treatment.

During the past 18 years, Haitian Hearts has brought more than 160 patients to the United States and helped thousands more in Haiti through our general medical work in clinics and hospitals. And for each individual Haitian Hearts has helped, we know countless others have benefited from the improved health of their family member, friend, or neighbor.

Please take a moment to learn about our work and the beautiful children we serve. We’d love you to join us in this life-saving adventure.

Healing Haiti's children by building a bridge between two worlds